Nextpad Updated with Multiple File Support, Open Files in Tabs and More..

Nextpad snags an Major Update adding many Useful Features. Nextpad is the Best app to View text file on your Phone or on any of your Windows 10 Devices. Let's see What's new in 2.5.0 :-

Here the Changelog:-
New : Tabs to Views new Documents File without having to leave the App
New : Open Multiple Files from your Desktop
New : You will now see the Path of the file you have Opened in Nextpad on Desktop
Updated : Multiple Instance of App
Updated : User Experience in App
Updated : User Interface of App
Fixed : You will see crashes after this update!

With Latest Update you can add new Tabs where you can view or edit your document with out having to close the current app . You can add up to 10 Tabs. This can very useful in  many Ways.
Nextpad is now par with Classic Notepad you found in Windows and ahead of many things that classic notepad can't do but Nextpad can.
Be sure to Update or if you haven't download the app, make sure to download it , maybe you'll love it :)
Thank you