Update for One Messenger and What's Next...

One Messenger

Today we releasing a Big Update for One Messenger which is available to download right now. Before we jump into What's next for you and us, I would like to talk about the update which we have released today for One Messenger.
First of All, Thank you very much for your Support and love you have given to us. I was not able to Update any of my app recently and I apologize for that. Today's Update changes that I am working on updating my other apps and you will receive a update from all of my App very soon. stay Tuned for that!
Well, Let's take a look at what's new in Today's Update

Version 5.0.0
  • We have Re-Designed our Settings Page. Settings have a much cleaner and streamlined User Interface than Before. I hope you will like it!
  • Added Slider in Split View page to adjust the width of each pages. Make sure to try it out! It allows you to adjust the width of any side very easily. You can a idea of that by looking below.

  • Added Windows 10 Anniversary Support. Microsoft fixes the Copy Function in Anniversary Update which was broken in previous version of Windows so that means that Copy will now work very properly. Thanks MS.
  • Added Option to Remove Custom Password. If you a custom Password in One Messenger, you can now easily remove it. Go to Set or Change Password => Remove Password and Done!
  • We also added What's new Box everytime you update the app, so you never miss to know about new Improvements and Features we have added! 
  • Small UI Changes all over in App. You will see a much better and clean UI than before.
  • New Slack Logo.
  • New Dark Mode for Skype. Enable it from Skype Settings Menu.
  • New Animations in App. Smooth and Clean Animations when switching Between Pages.
  • You will able to switch between Pages faster than before.
  • We have made a couple of Improvements in performance of the app.
  • Updated Get New Apps Section. Whats a better to support us than by downloading our other apps? so Make sure to Download our other apps too.
  • Updated FAQ Section. Fixed some typo and added new question.
  • Thank you very much for your Feedback and Support!
Well, that was all the Changes I have made in App in couple of days. As always if you want to show some support, Please make sure to rate us on Windows Store.
Download Link here - One Messenger

Now Let's Talk About What's Next for us and you

I would like to start this with Socialize Up. For those who knows that One of our Apps "Socialize Up" is missing from Windows Store for a couple of months. I would like to tell you that Socialize Up will return to Windows Store soon and No, we didn't removed it from the store , Microsoft did it due to some copyright issues which is resolved now so You can expect it to return to Windows Store soon. I am thinking of a new User Interface for it which I haven't decided yet so it may take long to comeback. New Socialize Up will surely have a New Logo and many new Features compare to previous one.
Now I would like to talk about my Other Apps. I am planning to update Cloud Drive next and then Flow Mail because they haven't been updated for long and I am very excited to add new things in it.
So Stay tuned for that and after that I Will update the remaining apps. 
Our App Photo Scan was released in Windows Store a month ago and after that we released the first Major Update for it and I was blown away by the response from you guys! I really want to thank you those who rated and reviewed us on Windows Store. Thank you for all your awesome responses and feedback about Photo Scan you have mailed us.

Well that's all for now, I hope you will continue to give us all the love and appreciation you have given till now. It really helps us to continue build new and improve current apps for you and it also helps us to continue learning new things so that we can improve your experience. We will continue to deliver new updates and build new apps for you.
Make sure to Follow us on Twitter at @define_studio to know what I am working before anyone does :)

Thank You
Define Studio