The Return of Socialize up! Meet the New Socialize Up.

Socialize up finally made into Windows Store. Meet the all new Socialize up app for Windows 10. We have to build it from scratch to make it more faster and better and that's what made it took so long. Socialize up is one of my personal favourite app that I love to use and to build it too along with One Messenger.
So without wasting any more time, lets take a quick look at some of the new features that has been added into Socialize Up.

Redesigned Facebook

Facebook which is almost used by everyone has been re-designed on Both Desktop and Mobile devices. A much clean and beautiful interface than before. There is a dark theme which really helps in relaxation of your eye balls. We will continue to update the UI of facebook daily. Facebook on Mobile also look quite beautiful.
Here's a quick look of Facebook running on Desktop!

Re-Designed Twitter

Twitter which is by far my favourite social site that I really love to use has received the new UI too. The Dark UI helps in making twitter look clean and beautiful. I am currently working on adding new features in Twitter and hopefully Tweetdeck is coming too ;)
Here's Twitter running on Desktop.

There is also new UI present for Whatsapp, Instagram and more in Socialize up which I hope you will love it. You can try that by yourself in Socialize up.

New SplitView Page

Split View is one of favourite feature of Socialize Up. As you can see above, it really helps in managing two services at once. I can always chat on Facebook and can browse my twitter feed on the other side and vice versa. There is Splitter present in the page too which helps in adjusting the width of both sides. There is also other services present in the page other than facebook and twitter.

New Settings Page

Let's take a look at some of Settings.

Let's start from the top of the page. At the top there is button that lets you clear temporary files, login details and caches. After that there is option to refresh In-App Purchases License which comes very handy when it is not working for you. Below it, There is a option to hide the Nav Pane or Menu bar(Hamburger Menu) which you see on the Main Page. If you want to Hide the Hamburger menu from the Main Page you can easily do it with that. Really helps in making UI more clean.
After that There comes the Security Section. Socialize Up Supports both Custom Password and Windows hello. Windows Hello is one of the best security feature an app can have, therefore we have built it into the app. We have also re-designed Custom Password UI. Here's a look at it! So Cleannnn!!

Below Security section, There is option to set Start-up Page, option to set where to open External Links and option to disable services you don't want to use. I think there is no need in explaining these option as they self explanatory.

Well that's it for now and also if you have any concern regarding privacy let me take a moment to clear it, We do not collect any information about you or anything. All of the data is stored on your Device. You can always see our Privacy Policy here. Aside from that, I am already working on another update which contain many more features, Stay tuned for that and make sure to Download and try it yourself. Maybe you will love it ;) if you have any question make sure to mail us or Contact us on Twitter(@define_studio).
Download Link :- Socialize up for Windows 10
Thank you very much!