One Messenger - Messenger for Windows

One Messenger, the only All-in-One messaging app you need. With the support of Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp and many more. Experience a truly Personalized Experience with One Messenger. Set your own Personal password or Windows Hello for better Security.
With a beautifully Designed Facebook Messenger, Group Me and more, Enjoy it more !
Why One Messenger? Well because, It's very difficult to connect with everyone and check their messages under one place but One Messenger can help you solve it. All your messages will be under one place and you don't have to go to different apps to check it.
Messaging Client

One Messenger also supports Web Notifications. If you are not familiar with the Web notification, Well it basically send you personalize notifications whenever someone messages you which is pretty awesome.
Make sure to try it yourself and I am sure you'll love it or at least will like it. There are also a bunch of settings to personalize your experience more.
We have made One Messenger as fast and as beautiful as we can and will continue to improve it. One Messenger also gives you better privacy protection because it runs in a sandboxed(safer) environment which is much secure than anything. We do assure you that we don't store any kind of information about you. Any Application Data is stored in your own device and it can't be access by anyone.
One Messenger also have some cool features like using multiple pages side by side, jumplists, and more...

Some Screenshots :

Give it a try, Maybe you will love it!
As always, Thank You very much for taking your time to read this!

Download Link :- One Messenger