Melosik - Music Player for Windows

Melosik is a beautiful fully fledged UWP Music Player app built for Windows 10.

I have always wanted to create a Music player for Windows as the default app (Groove) seems to be abandoned by Microsoft. Groove have several issues like outdated UI, broken shuffle button which i found to be the most annoying etc. Microsoft never cared to fix this problems so therefore I decided to built a new Music Player for my own and Windows.

I have been working on this app for quite a few months and now think it's finally time to release it.

The Design is inspired by Zune which I still believe to be one of the best Music App UI Microsoft has or in general created ever so I wanted to create something like that.
Melosik is basically Zune mixed with Modern Fluent Design.

Now Let's talk about some of the pages in the app.


This is the Home Page you first see when open the app.
The Home screen is divided into 3 sections which is Artists, Albums and Songs (Left to Right). You
can easily and quickly play your fav song from any particular Artist or Album. There is option to sort tracks and shuffle all etc.


Songs page as you can see is pretty simple and easy to use. There is option to sort the tracks by date added, A to Z etc.


This is Album Detail page. On the left side it contains all the songs from the selected album and the right side contains the others from the selected album artist.


This is pretty same as the album detail page with left side having all the albums from the selected artist and right side having the songs.


Now Playing contains the queue list and option to change tracks, adding them to favorite or to new playlist etc. I already have plan to add Lyrics to this page soon.

Well, these are some of the pages and there's others which you can explore on your own. I look forward to hear from you guys.

It is still the first version of the app so everything is not there or it may contain some bugs.
I'll be regularly updating the app.

Try it may be you'll like it.
Thank you!

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