Musicio - Global media control and Lyrics for Windows

Musicio is a UWP global media controller and Lyrics app for Windows. It means that any Audio/Video you are listening can be easily controlled through this app like Play, Pause, Next etc within a single app.

Music on Spotify, Melosik or any other music player, Video on YouTube, VLC everything can be easily controlled with Musicio. 

You can even get Lyrics of your favorite song directly on Musicio from no matter which app you are playing the song from.

Musicio has built-in 3 Compact Mini Mode. It supports Always on Top Feature.

Here's the summary of it's features:-

• Full Lyrics support.

• 3 Compact Mini Modes (Picture in Picture Mode).

• Always on Top feature support.

• Mutiple Themes Support (Light, Dark, Windows Accent).

• Fast and responsive UI.

• Fluent Design.

• Beautiful and Modern Design.

Just give it a shot, you'll love it!

Download Link :- Musicio for Windows

Thank you!