Nextpad - Notepad for Windows

Nextpad is the Simple Yet Powerful and lightweight Notepad App for Windows 10. Nextpad helps you create, edit, view or print your file very easily and efficiently.
Nextpad is fast, responsive and reliable notepad. No one wants a slowish notepad. Therefore, Our first Priority was to made Nextpad fast and responsive and Yes, we Nailed it!
Nextpad also supports Printing too which means you don't have to go to anywhere else to print your file.
Nextpad supports almost all text file format and even some extra formats too like full rtf file support!
Nextpad is better and different from other notepad available in store, How? It has pretty good features that other notepad apps don't have and that's what makes it different from others!
Speaking of features Nextpad has tabs support. You can create multiple tabs to manage other documents while working on another one without having to leave the app. It supports text to speech means it will read out all the document for you and speech to text means you can just talk to app and it will write it for you in document. It lets you share the file or text with other apps. it also has bunch of cool features like Pick up where I left off which means that you are never going to lost what you typed in your document before saving it. you will find your unsaved document next time you open it! These are just some of features that we have talked about but you will find many more useful and cool features when you will use it.
Nextpad lets you edit and style your text like making text bold, italic, change your font and more... With Built-in find/replace , you can find or replace words in your document very easily!
Let's take a quick look at what features it has :
• Let’s you create, edit or view text files
• Multiple Tabs Support, Add/Remove Tabs
• Will read out document for you
• Full Rich Text Document Support.
• Multiple Windows Support
• Pick Up Where I Left off
• Support for Printing
• Share file or Text with Others
• Supports Editing options like bold, italic, subscript and more...
• Simple yet Powerful Text Editor
• Supports Speech to Text.
• Find/Replace Words in Document
• Support for Multiple Themes
• Continuum Ready

If you have any feedback about the app or want to report any kind of issues with the app, Please Mail us or Contact us on Twitter(@define_studio)
Give it a try, Maybe you will love it!

Download link :- Nextpad for Windows 10

Thank you!