Flow Mail - Mail Client for Windows

Flow Mail is the best, light-weight Mail App for Windows 10. Flow Mail lets you create and view your Outlook Mail, Google Mail , Yahoo Mail and More. Manage your mails with Flow mail without having to open Multiple Apps or Browsers.
Designed for Windows 10!
Flow Mail is a Beautiful app to Manage, create, view or delete your Mails very easily and efficiently.
 Set your own password or use Windows hello to protect your app from others.
Features: -
 - Mail App for Outlook, Google , Yahoo and More
 - Beautiful Design!
 - Password Support
 - Windows Hello!
 - Manage your Mail very easily
 - Available on Windows 10 Mobile
P.S.A. We do not save Any information about you. We do not save any password or username. You can see our Privacy Policy if you have any concern about it. You can also contact us if you have any issue or any concern.
Thank You!

Download link :- Flow Mail for Windows 10